6.0241 Grounded in the compensatory dreams
of both pre-Oedipal subjects desperate to
merge with some primeval all-embracing
(M)Other and Oedipal ones craving
the arrival of some long awaited
all-favouring {F}Other meant
that this Cultural space split
naturally into two quite
separate and distinct areas

6.0242 Each area now houses
the concrete and abstract remains
of the various stations of all past
generations of pre-Oedipal and
Mu Circuits
the differing spaces of our
Eastern and Western

6.0243 Western Cultural Space
long pre-occupied by the semitic
cravings for the arrival of some
long awaited all-favouring
{F}Other is littered with the
products of the war over the
supremacy of this predominately
Oedipal territory
. Warring Christian
[br]Others [s]Ones of
the fruit of d-jivatmoi'' along with
approval seeking d-atmoi'' Islamic
and far from approved b-atmoi''
Jewish [br]Others have all
left their remains

6.0244 Eastern Cultural Space on
the otherhand occupied at times
by their Oedipally warring Western
cousins has long remained pre-Oedipal
territory abundantly littered both with
the on shore remains of the all embracing
(M)Otherly merging quest of their b-anatmoi
Hindu [br]Others and that of the paranoia
walling out ways of their (M)Other
accommodating b-jivat' Confucian
cousins and the off shore remains
of their solitary d-anatmoi rising
and d-jivatmoi falling Shinto
(s)Ones and littered just like
the West by the empty
remains of the wandering
mystical ways of their
d-LittLed b-jivatmoi
Muddha type