6.0141 This scenario assumes the
sex lives of our dumb forefathers
to have been organized in terms
of isolated groups of females
being serviced and protected
solely by a solitary dominant male
in the manner of our
gorilla cousins
of to-day. Genetically however we are
far closer to our chimpanzee cousins
and paradoxically chimpanzees
organise their sex live in terms
of large groups of sixty or so
with females accepting of any
number of partners at the time
of heat being serviced and
protected by a communal
band of males

6.0142 Behaviourly female
gorillas then are uni-male being
solely receptive to the dominant

male at the timeof heat whilst
female chimpanzees are in
contrast multi-male at that time

6.0143 Presumably the extension

of female receptivity to the sexual
advances of males to include every
day of the year rather than soley
those of heat was the necessary
evolutionary event that led to our
female ancestors being
behaviourly suspended between
the solitary tamed ways of the
"gorilla" and the communal
ways of
the "chimpanzee"

6.0144 Consequently dumb
female ancestors subjected to
the communal {br}Otherly ways
of our chimpanzee-like forebears

had been serviced and protected
then by a band of yet unnamed
but sexually satisfied fathers
uncles, {br}Others, Others
and cousins