communal tantric sex
as an aid to achieving
"liberated enlightenment"
was probably first introduced
in 6th century AD by a band
of Mahayana Buddhist (br)Others
from Northern India. The Hindus
in turn were quick to adopt it
and today it still survives as
a practice of skilfull means
within the tradition of
the Buddhist's of Tibet

According to this tradition
ritualistic sexual union with
some non-ralated Other leads
eventually to a "non-conceptual
realisation of Emptiness"
in the midst of an orgasmic
heap of primary

Also in terms of this tradition
repeated sexual union with several
different partners over a period
of time eventually prolongs this
liberated narcissistic state
to such an extent that complete
liberation appears possible
all in the matter
of one lifetime

Little have our tantric
known though that the sexual act
has never truely functioned
as the final causal link
in producing this state
of complete liberation

Rather the tantric practices
encouraged by the attendant
(M)Other and
{F}Other Guru
have long given each
and everyone of them the
opportunuties of being passed
by and passing over their tantric
(m)Others and
{f}Others to achieve
a rapid emptying of their 4th skanda
through completing Mu and Mu'
with various
[M/F]Otherly pairs
before crossing to the shore
of the................