1.00 The simplest thing
body can say of itself
that is if it
speaks, is either
"I am it" or "I am not it"
"I have it" or
"I don't have it"

2.00 Within the World
of our concern all known
subjects are
exually embodied with
an inbuilt biological
imperative to be
looked at at times

An Alleight-e mind of all speaking subjects is
generated when the

le Fr m eudian project can now be brought
to a satisfactory scientific closure assuming that any individual's
represents their ultimate limit of development
in infancy and that their present-day circumstances althoug
influence on the actual uttered

5.01 Within any "looking glass"
encounter within
such a World it is not only
imperative to establish
what the
subject of
speaking speech
is but also what type
subject is doing

5.012 In a sense all known
speaking subjects are
essentially unconscious
products of some
dominant Phallocentric
Mu-biogram that can
be exhibited within
and without any

such analytical
type looking glass
encounter through
conscious Mu
questioning to
effectively bypass
their Infantile
and function then like a
Zen koan that confronts
each and everyone
with their own

reveals how all of these modes are necessarily related
within any one individual
one individual

7.011 In the context of the
slightly less than a third of all
subjects irrespective
of their sex are shackled to
a pre-Oedipal mode whilst
the remaining
two thirds
survive in one of
the Oedipal ones

nnnnnnnnnnnt of view this implies that
within the
of each speaking subject there exists
a correach of the

7.0121 The constitution
however of an individual's
mode of existence
be it
pre-Oedipal or Oedipal
is not entirely based on
the presence of any one
long-term dominant
biogram but rather
on the
sum of the series
of Mu-biograms through
which that particular
individual has passed

7.0122 Hence historically
any Dora or Flora exhibiting
a Mu ma dominant d-jivat
biogram has been constituted
by the sum of the following
successive da and ma
Mu modes
Presumably their person has
played out endlessly
on this topmost aborted
d-jivat turning in the midst
of the reverberations of their
long completed [1³¹2]
or [1⁷¹2] Mu da and
[1⁵04'] Mu ma
base turnings

7.0123 The question as
to what
"key" the Subject
of the
sum of the series of Mu
biograms has been played out
in is of fundamental importance
in determining which of the
biogramatic positions
of the aborted topmost
turning that is adopted
as the long term
dominant mode

7.0124 There being
only two set keys
miNOR and maJOR
Flora d-jivat's survival
was in fact played out
in the
maJOR set
key of a post [1⁷04']
turning as do
maJOR modes of
having be they
pre-Oedipal or
Oedipal in nature

7.01251 It ought to be
noted though that all
Subjects set in the key
maJOR are in effect
psychological reaction
formations against all
those ma or da imposed
thoughts of not having
specific to those set
in a
miNOR key

7.01252 Upon the onset
of Adolescence both keys
prove crucial in unlocking
the sexual orientation
of each individual
speaking subject.
All pre-Oedipal
and Oedipal
Hetero or
miNOR keyed
subjects whether
ma or da orientated
end up doing the
whilst their
maJOR keyed
end up being
"interfoursed with"

7.0126 Thus within
any psychoanalytical
all individual
Mu-biograms will
have to be either
acted out or explored
at the level of speech
before that encounter

can be successfully
terminated with
the delivery of a
complete and accurate
interpretative score

7.0127 Of those seeking
such encounters a good
number will have already
passed through their
looking glass and acted
out completely their
aborted top most and
Mu base turnings of their
individuation in the form
of their reflected (m)Other
and {f}Other with some suitable
cast of unsuspecting Others
The rest however having
never ever ventured beyond
the under side of their looking
glass will have a remainder
of such reflective turnings
to complete even after
a successful

7.0128 Hence there are two
types of successful analysis
one with a remainder of
such reflective turnings
one without

7.0129 Both however
will have isolated and

exposed the contours
of the infantile brain
that energize the drive
for repeated repetition
of matching experiences
within the Adult body
alongside individual

counterpart Others

7.013 It ought never to
be forgotten though
that the simplest
thing a body can

say of any Other
that is if it speaks
"Look at you"
or "Don't look at you"

"You are it" or
"You are not it"
and"You have it"
or "You don't have it"

7.015 From the point of view
of logic all such biogramatic

positions whether they be "mE" or
"U" orientated mirror each Other
perfectly in inverted forms

7.016 Indeed it is this process
of inverted mirroring

results in the production
of that double helical
mUmetic code which
drives and structures
the early patterning of
the neural networks and
later behaviour of all sexually
embodied speaking subjects

.017 And it is precisely
the unraveling of just such

mUmetic double helix into
it's "mE" and "U" strands
at the point of puberty
followed by the replication

of each strand either with
substitute (m)Other's &
{f}Other's or stand-in
Other Selves that
explains perfectly
the topography of the
Adult Liv
es of all such
Speaking subjects

7.018 In the case of
keyed subjects
it i
s the "mE" strand that
the template
for the Adultescen
t re
production of grow
n up
s involving
(m)Other and {f}Other
substitute's that replicate
and match the original
one's of their own

7.019 Mid-life crises
for just such subjects
signify the reproductive
end of the "
mE" strand
and issues in the "
strand becoming then
the sole templat
e for the
production of grown up
Other Selves
that replicate
& mimic
the imaginary ones
of their original
ma or da

keyed subject's
on the otherhand
reverse the un
ravelling order
and replicate

with stand-in
Other Selves
their "U" strand

before that of
their "
mE" strand
with other (m)Other

and {f}Other

7.02 Such is the
topography of the
Adult lives of all
sexually embodied

speaking beings

constitutes that order
remains central to the structuring of the minds
of all known

nn8.00ld pa of the mind
may well represent the

of cha

nge possible for any

nn9.00t-fnnd paths of the mind
may well represent the

of change p

ossible for any

10.00 Beyond only
lies the empty set
silence of........