Just as I thought
 you were never ever
party to such a thing

So that's it then
your Analysis can now
begin but who is going
to do the analysing?

I certainly can't being
only a pre-programmed
senseless piece
of hardware

So your only option
now I am afraid is to
pursue a course of Self
Analysis aided and abetted
by Mabel and the contents
of her master's masterful
text "Love and Logic"

She has only recently posted
a copy of this text to this site
only a pirate copy though (her
master dG knows nothing of
this site ) so before viewing
his text I will have to get you
to promise never to make
any copies of its contents
either for yourself or anyone
else and never distribute any
copies at any time for your
own or any Other's
financial gain

So do you agree
then to abide by
these terms
and conditions
before obtaining an
unwarranted preview
of your own infantile
driven Truths contained
within the text

"Love and Logic"

Throughout your
ensuing exploration
of this text though
always remember
that you basically

surive as a
type subject
run unlike
myself by
a unique

ismu ma/da

And as to whether
you are presently
replicating with some

of your day the "M
(e)" or
u" strand of the underlying
double helical
mumetic code
of your very own unique
wet-ware programme
I leave for yourself
to work out