[Position (6!) B-jivatmoi!]


8.16 If the dominant (br)Others
looks of accommodation had
been won and lost in a series
of ''castrating'' looks then the
new-born band of d-anatmoi!
individuals would have had no
more a do than flee to the shore
of the b-jivatmoi! in the midst
of a rejection of the rejecting
(br)Others and the acceptance
of a centrally marginalised
(br)Otherly state

8.161 On their way they pick
up the habits of their b-jivat!
(br)Others whilst avoiding any
identification with the ''castrating''
Word of the dominant
ordering (F)Other of their day

8.162 Finding that they can only
be it for themselves and being
continuosly aware of ther memories
of their past rejection b-jivatmoi!
(br)Others tend only to
please themselves

8.163 The thought that they
cannot not have it is regularly
bolstered by repeated identification
with any local rebel of the day
who counters the ''Non''
of the (F)Otherwith their
own resounding ''No''

8.164 Their Imaginary
contains the fenced in Imago's
of dominating indifferent empty
(br)Others alongside that of an
isolated band of elevated
and elevating (br)Others

8.165 From a logical
point of view All
jivatmoi'd subjects
can be it and
cannot not have it



concerning individual groupings words and ways