Well, he has finally done it at long last. The book is finished. He presented me late last night with a copy. I read it and wept.

Today I am unsure as to what can be made of it though. But he would have predicted that I am sure. Despite his newfangled terminology (I would have expected that of him) I did find the case histories fascinating and his interpretations deeply thought provoking But as to whether he has produced a satisfactory scientific basis for the analytical encounter and in doing so established a new Science of Man I am not really competent to judge. The statistics (well you know what they say about that) I can only take on trust. But if his claims are true then presumably some other body will be able to substantiate his figures through the use of his Mu questions I doubt myself if that will happen though. He has long been ignored and isolated by too many of his medical colleagues for me to believe that they could all be wrong in their assessment of his work and professional standing.

There remains of course the question of his theory - his damned Theory I could see it far enough. Over the past ten years or so I have been watching him and his theory evolve and to be honest it has terrified me utterly most of the time and then when we lost David our fifteen year old son to lighter gas fuel in the midst of all his theorising that almost broke me. He at that time so much loved his David that he became ever more driven in his quest for a solution to the task he had long set himself. His solution now lies within this text Love and Logic A text that will stand, for all time now I suppose as a memorial to our broken marriage and our lost son. It deserves to fair well if only for the sake of David's memory