to all those I have loved

Lorraine my first , our sons Chris, Jon and
David - there are no better - John and Jimmy,
Alan and Dee, Alison and Alex, Barbara and
Gushi, the ones who pushed me unknowingly
to the outer limit of my infantile being
, Allison, Colleen, the mublime Ulku
randest of (m)Others for me and
herself our sweet wee Elif
lately wee George and Monica
to us both
and our sister come
lately Allegra daughter
of her's and Doug

All those Others, the Ones
who in the first place made
the thing possible my mother
Mary Mitchell my father James

Morrice brother and sister James
and Margaret, Grandparents
Aunts, Uncles and all
of my past patients

I have truely loved them all

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