1.00 In this mu World reference
to "moral character" in our
day to day dealings
with one
"be it flawed or otherwise"
ought no longer to count

1.10 Rather our ways of inter-acting
now ought to be conceived solely on
the new found
knowledge of the
workings of our underlying

2.00 In the summer of 2005 whilst the
Gleneagles G8 summit was in session
and the Al-Queda Leeds4 were busily
putting the finishing touches to their death
defying London
bombing campaign I was
on the streets of Edinburgh innocently
conducting a Mu
8 headcount

2.10 In this count, which I Iater completed
on the streets of my Aberdeen (m)Other
town the scatter of biogramatic
within a cohort of 888 passers-by split
equally between
444 males and 444
emales and demographically
skewed towards 24 year olds
and less was as follows

2.11 Predictably these results are
not unlike the ones depicted
below of my original
8 headcount

2.12 A count conducted
in the mid-90's whilst
working still as a simple
Family Practitioner in the
Aberdeenshire village of
Insch upon an identically
numbered sample of patients
skewed demographically
towards 44
year olds
and over typical
of my then
case load