".........never ever forget though

that the Present day is a Theatrical World Space in which past minored Groupings passively allow Others in their d-aCT I scenes to render unto them that which had been rendered by some d-aCT I or II masterful Grouping to some past fellow identified Grouping to be subsequently followed by cross over d-aCT II scenes in which they themselves render unto some locally available substitute Grouping that which had been rendered unto their fellow identified past Grouping. So where then exactly is this Group-half of this particular semitic Grouping? Is it presently passively allowing it's half neighbourly Group Others to render unto it that which some recent d-aCT I or II masterful Grouping had rendered unto some fellow identified Grouping or is it rather presently actively rendering unto it's neighbourly Grouping preciselythat which had been rendered unto their past fellow Grouping. Rest assured though that by passing through these two complimentary inverted mirrorings that this mentally shut-out Group is destined just like it's Other half to empty it's Collective Mind of all such historically determined drives and lead then by way of example to their "half Promised Land" of the d-eMPTY and FREE "