Ever since Freud's day the field of Psychonalysis has remained in a state of disarray through a central lack of any agreed scientific grounding for the famed Talking Cure Despite this late in 1989 I decided to embark on analytical encounters with some of my emotionally disturbed patients in the hope that some sort of therapeutic benefit would emerge from some such encounter. The majority of these patients had already traversed conventional psychiatric channels meeting drugs ECT bouts of Group Therapy and individual Counselling along the way, but all had remained permanently locked in a state of emotional misery

Not having had any formal training in this technique I came to these encounters empty handed and unencumbered by any theoretical baggage. From day one just as Jacques Lacan had advised I decided to focus in on the spoken word as my prime object of study However it did not take long before I was negotiating the terrors and wonders of the transferential neurosis that often erupts spontaneously within any analytical encounter. Whenever this intrusion occurred I studiously ignored it and persisted doggedly in my pursuit of the unspoken word. Eventually I hit upon a set of two questions capable of producing sixteen individual responses. To my astonishment I found that all sixteen existed both within and without the analytical encounter. I decided then to do a formal head count within my own practice. Over the next nine months or so I asked every patient, who happened through my door, the said two questions. I stopped at a total of 888 patients being totally enthralled by the sheer elegance of the figures 444 females and 444 males. When processed through a Chi Square table I found that the scatter of responses was so highly statistically significant that chance alone could not possibly explain them

I knew then that I had discovered something of fundamental significance, a Set of incontrovertible empirical facts that could potentially ground a Nova Scientia Hominis a New Science of Man in other words. One grounded in Instances of utter certainty. And one that introduces a whole new leval to Reality a so called Umetical leval that tops both the Physical and Biological ones of selfish bodily survival grounded solely in feeding, fcuking, fighting and fleeing Others

And one that will paradigmatically shift the stance of all of our Physically reductive Scientific [br]Others towards a far more realistic one in their behavioral explanations of the ways of all of us sexually embodied Speaking Beings

Early on In my search for some sort of Theoretical explanation for this newfound Set of scientifically significant facts and it's extended sixteen-fold Typology of Speaking Subjects I hit upon the idea that such a Typology logically converts to a matching sixteen-fold Topography of an individual Speaking Mind; the implication being that each Newborn given the correct Infantile circumstances has the built-in capacity to adopt any one of these individual modes With this thought in mind I persisted further in my Analytical encounters and eventually worked out how each of these sixteen modes relates to one another and how each relates specifically to a particular body of speech symptomatic of an underlying unique way of life and in the process established the dynamics the recursive dynamics of the topmost Natural Science namely Umetics the New Science of Man

Lately I have been able to use this new found knowledge in my negotiation of the Analytical encounter to effect an understanding and initiate a termination of the misery of most of my patients within a maximum of four clinical encounters

Thus having gained entry into this sixteen-fold [m]Universe entirely on your behalf, I am now in a position to invite you in. A piece of advice though before you enter. You will find that the terms (m)Other and {f}Other are both central to an understanding of this Universe. I have found that they are best read as symbolic variables encrusted variables capable of acting as temporary place holders for any locally available significant Other as is well illustrated by the individual case studies lovingly placed at the heart of this text

You must realise however that once you have made your way into this [m]Universe your own individual way out remains your own personal affair

Here's talking to you and the sense to come